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How To remove and change Footer Credits In Free Website Template

How To remove and change Footer Credits In Free Website Template

Do You want to remove footer credit in any Blogger Templates? 

If your answer is yes then read all this article step by Step then Also able to Remove the footer credit of your blogger templates.

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  1. Open your blog and locate the copyrighted area on your page.
  2. In a separate tab, open your Blog dashboard > Theme > Template Html Editor.
  3. Locate the copyrights in the HTML by using whatever word that is in your copyright-like copyright, designed by, etc..
  4. In the entire line of copyrights, locate the class-name it belongs to. Like in the above picture, the class-name is 'attribution'. Copy that class-name and search for its HTML again by clicking Ctrl+F.
  5. When you find the HTML, change the tag values like mentioned in the picture. For example, if in the HTML, there is a font-size tag, then change its value to something like 0.1px. Do not go for 0 because it might redirect your blog to the designer's site.
  6. After making the alterations, click Save
  7. As you can see, you will get a result like this.

Copy This code. Replace paste this code. Edit this code According to your Domain name and URL -
You will have to add this line of code to the HTML like this - If remove Credit Footer Copyright.

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